Contact your health insurance provider and employer to see if your membership at King's Fitness For Life is covered through your health plan.

Let Your Insurance Help You Get Fit!

King's Fitness For Life is very pleased to announce that we are part of the Silver Sneakers and Prime Fitness Programs!

Silver Sneakers

What is Silver Sneakers?

Silver Sneakers is a fun, energizing program designed exclusively for older adults. Members of the program receive a membership at King's Fitness For Life. The program includes use of basic amenities and access to our Silver Sneakers classes. To learn more, please visit

Is there a cost?

No. There is no initiation or monthly fee for Silver Sneakers Members. Your healthcare provider offers this service to you at no additional cost. However, if you request any services that are not included in your basic membership, there may be an additional charge. For example, tanning and personal training are additional costs.

What insurances are eligible?

Prime Fitness

What is Prime Fitness?

Designed specifically for you in mind, Prime was created to improve your well-being and lifestyle while helping you look and feel great. Prime includes a free basic membership at any participating Prime Fitness center and one free personal training session with a fitness professional. This program will inspire you to take charge of your own health and fitness by providing you the resources you need to stay motivated and active.

Members register online via the Prime Fitness website. Healthways provides telephonic and online customer service. Upon your registration to Healthways Prime Fitness Network you are eligible to commence your membership at King's Fitness For Life. To learn more, please visit